Here is an Affirmation to help you get centered and in a positive space. Sit quietly and breathe as you read this to yourself. See if you can feel what the words are saying. Then close your eyes, relax, and when you’re ready, go forward and have a wonderful day!

Best Daily Affirmations for Morning in 2021:-

1.I begin today from the light at the center of my being.

2.I breathe quietly into my heart and feel my beautiful, divine essence.

May be an image of flower and text that says "Gratitude Affirmation Start Each Day with Grateful Heart."

3. I am Relaxed.

4. My body is Calm.

5. As I Breathe, I become more conscious, more present.

6. All is well in my Life.

7. Now I am ready to begin a Wonderful Day!

Good morning, friends! 🌷☕️Here’s a great thing to focus on today. The Universe and your angels often guide you with tiny miracles sprinkled in your path. Take a peaceful break and turn away from the craziness in the world. Instead, look for these small, bright lights in your day!

May be an image of child, hair and text that says "LOVE AND APPRECIATE MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY."


☃️☕️The most important thing you can do right now is to focus on your beautiful inner LIGHT. As a creator, you have the power to contribute to the energy of the planet. Let your heart radiate the Infinite Love it holds within. Be a much-needed source of light in the world! Have a peaceful day. Namaste 🌎💕

It’s so important that we heal our bodies and raise our vibration at this time in our ascension process. This is a great affirmation to help align your consciousness with your desire to heal whatever you feel needs to be upgraded in your physical and energy body. Take excellent care of yourself and have a beautiful day

May be an image of 1 person, hair and outerwear

❄️☕️ When everything seems like just too much, remember that there is a quiet refuge within you. Find some time and space for yourself where you can relax and just be. Then let your beautiful HEART remind you of the truth about life and love. Have a peaceful day, and be kind to yourself. Much love 🌸🌿💜

🧘🏻‍♀️☕️Well, they might be able to lock us away from our outer world, but they can’t lock us away from our inner world. Meditation can be like an endless, beautiful journey within. At first, it might seem slow and difficult. It might seem like the only thing you are meditating on is your everyday thinking mind. But that’s only because you have likely given those everyday thoughts your full attention for a lifetime.

May be an image of 1 person, hair and text that says "Idon't have to be anyone but the best version of myself."

With regular practice, you can go beneath those thoughts to where an amazing new world will open up for you. Try starting with just 1 minute a day, and then add a minute each day. Eventually, you will come in contact with your real, most beautiful self! Have a peaceful day, my friends. 🌸💕

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